I had my tonsillectomy operation on the 26/11/12, this put a halt to my work production and has had a serious affect on the progress of generating work for all assignments.

Due to the recovery period spanning 2 weeks, this meant that I wasn’t in Leeds for this duration from 26/11/12- 10/12/12. I was advised by The first week of recovery was the worst as to the pain, resting and pain killers made it pretty much impossible to attempt work.

The second week was a lot better, as my health started to improve and I began to regain strength to continue with bits of work, I researched further into areas of History of Photo Journalism (books, internet) and also sent out a number of emails consistently over these two weeks to try and obtain Primary Research for Intro to Digital Journalism to start basing my questions for interviewee’s around. I found that Journalism has become the most affected module of the 3 due to the lack of Primary Research information.

I found out through emailing various contacts and staff at Leeds Met such as Admins, Research that if I were to obtain the relevant data and statistics- I would have to fill out a form and apply for it which would take up to 21 days to process. Due to the deadline being  the 13/12/12 and having to apply for an extension, this option seemed impossible.

This made me think of other options around how to go about this and base my questions on. I began to generate question ideas on a separate blog post and ways of working around this.

I returned to Leeds on Monday 10th December and instantly came to Headingley campus to hand in my extension form and do some work on my blog using a Macbook. My laptops condition and age makes it painfully slow to produce work and blog posts, so from now on I am relying on using the Uni’s Macbooks.

Tuesday I took some photographs for Intro to Photography for the final assignment of Special Techniques “Urban Landscape” and will continue to develop and build on my photography portfolio.

I have started to plan my days of work production and focus on 1 module at a time.

Due to my operation circumstances I applied for an extension which has been accepted. I have 10 working days longer to produce and finish all 3 modules. As this is over the Christmas holidays, Karl emailed me to say that I have until the first day back at University to submit all work which is the 14/1/12.

Starting to prioritise work has been quite easy, I have got the most work nearly ready for History of Photo Journalism, I just need to finish off all research tasks fully and ensure all reflections/references are in place then put it all onto my designed PDF. I plan to have this finished within the next few days to have a consistent body of work/writing for the PDF and research housing blog posts.


History of Photo Journalism– At this point all research tasks for History are done and my designs for the final product are underway leading to final production and submission in the next couple of days.

Introduction to Photography– I have to go out on another shoot for Urban Landscape to get the required shots and imagery to create the final assignment to then be submitted.

Introduction to Journalism– Journalism is the most affected at the moment as things don’t seem to be running too smoothly. I spoke to course leader Karl the other day about my queries and he supported me into feeling more at ease due to my extension. The amount of research I acquire will be potentially the most important aspect of my main 800 word article assignment- the second list article I have now decided will be a similar theme to my main one of life at Kirkstall Brewery halls through the eyes of a fresher.

The main problem with acquiring the research is the lengthy process to possibly obtaining it. As I’m using stats and data to do with Leeds Met, this has proved really difficult to get hold of. I emailed around contacts to find this process takes 21 days to potentially be accepted. I’ve now had to prioritise this impracticality and change the angle of my main article to focussing on why people drop out of university. For this I will design a survey for people to fill out and also interview first hand drop outs to gain further understanding to form my article around. Journalism tends to be the main module I require my extension for due to the lengthy process of gathering required information and imagery.


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