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I started by taking these photographs using a 75-300mm zoom lens of a team training quickly as a test to see if this would work. As you can see- the enclosed bars take the clear value away from what I was trying to achieve. I decided to not take this idea further.

urban landscape 508


I thought to do skateboarding for the theme Sport as it would be something a bit different to perhaps what others on the course would photograph maybe more traditional sports.

Sam (a friend on the course) and I went to Roundhay skate park on quite a dull day. He brought along his skateboard and had a quick 5 minute skate around. During this, I photographed him but was limited to lenses as I only had my standard 18-55mm lens with me. This reduced the chances of me using them as final images, but I thought I could do this as an experiment and practice when testing more ideas out within the theme.

Contact Sheets:



Football- For these images I arranged to go along to take photographs of playfootball 5-a-side in York. I got the managers consent- went to the location, spoke to some guys playing a ‘friendly’ and photographed them. I used my 75-300mm zoom lens mostly to get these shots as well as my standard 18-55mm.

This was a really hard task to pursue as I was in an enclosed artificial lit outdoor cage in the evening, trying to take well compose photographs of a quick sport- this was a lot more difficult than they make it look! From this I have a new found respect for sport photographers and their ability to chase the ball and players through the viewfinder. I tried to focus mainly on the ball, movement of legs and lower body parts rather than ordinary portrait style. With these shots- I particularly like the garishness of the range of colours worn.

Settings used:

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ContactSheet-001ContactSheet-002ContactSheet-003ContactSheet-004ContactSheet-005ContactSheet-006 ContactSheet-007 ContactSheet-008 ContactSheet-009 ContactSheet-010 ContactSheet-011 ContactSheet-012 ContactSheet-013 ContactSheet-014

Netball- With doing football prior to this, I had some basic training and knew what to expect. Luckily this felt a lot different! I was indoor, lit again by artificial light but this time photographing a slightly slower paced sport to football.

Again, I mainly used my 75-300 lens to capture these images, similarly to before I found it quite challenging to focus on getting a well composed shot. I also used my Besel 58-46mm fish eye lens to capture a different range within the frame, a wider scope of the room and to test the effect this had on the imagery. I much prefer these images of netball as I feel they are a lot more well composed and consistent.

Settings used:

  • AV/M


ContactSheet-001 ContactSheet-002 ContactSheet-003 ContactSheet-004 ContactSheet-005 ContactSheet-006 ContactSheet-008 ContactSheet-007 ContactSheet-009 ContactSheet-010 ContactSheet-011 ContactSheet-012 ContactSheet-013 ContactSheet-014 ContactSheet-015 ContactSheet-016 ContactSheet-017 ContactSheet-018 ContactSheet-019 ContactSheet-020 ContactSheet-021

Successful Images:

netball 006netball 135netball 009netball 031netball 054netball 062

netball 068netball 031netball 096

netball 158netball 108netball 194


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