Special Techniques Seminar


Brian Larkman

Special Techniques

  • High Dynamic Range

Seminar Notes:


  • Polarizing 
  • Neutral Density
  • Ultra Violet
  • Infrared
  • Coloured
  • Star

Polarizing- reduces glare + works best at 90 degrees to light source. Cuts out light by about 1.5 stops.

Neutral Density- Reduces intensity of light.

Graduated ND filters- reduces over exposure gradually.

Ultra violet- reduces haze from UV light.

Infrared Filters- Blocks all visible light apart from infrared.

Coloured Filters

Star Filters


HDR- Dynamic range is the difference between the darkest + lightest part of an image.


HDRi allows for a greater range to be represented than standard display can produce.


Brian advised for a polarising lens overall out of all of them as a general best shot/most effective lens.

He then went on to show us a PowerPoint presentation showing us the visual differences between using the different filters and their effects on the photographs. This focussed a lot on HDR and tone mapping.


  • Choose Subject
  • Use a tripod
  • Set auto-bracketing range
  • Suitable tone mapping


Series of photos using special technique using the theme “Urban Landscape”

10-15 images

remember- always use an odd number of images



From this last seminar with Brian I am excited to go out and experiment with photographing Urban Landscape as it is one of my chosen subjects personally as a hobby. It will be interesting to use a special effect on an image as I usually tend to not edit them, and will be a new experience for me to use the HDR technique on PhotoShop as I haven’t used it before. I’m looking forward to this last subject within Intro to Photography and progressing further technically with my understandings of Photography and Image Manipulation



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