Social Media | Task

Social Media makes the news

Social Networking is spreading like wildfire amongst the UK public, sites such as Facebook and Twitter seem to be consuming our every waking minute and slowly taking over. Readily accessible with the mass production of smart phones, people are able to upload and share moments with the world in mere seconds, with the touch of a button.

This advancement in technology allows access for anyone to view anything posted anonymously on the Internet and be seen by millions. The UK London Riots in the Summer of are said to have been worsened by the updates and posting of acts during this anarchist event. The government and Scotland Yard have targetted social Networking sites: Facebook, Twitter and blaming them for the publicity of the riots. There had been plans to shut them down during unrest but the expert panel warned against knee-jerk plans to shut down social networks in time of public unrest, concluding that “viral silence may have as many dangers as viral noise”.



Despite me not being in the session to work on this story as a group, I decided to work on this alone, in my own time. I found the London Riots the most interesting topic to look into as they seemed to be the most obvious controversial event out of the ones to choose from. I found that mostly this kind of journalism requires gathered information and research, which I am understanding as one of the most important roles in journalism. I find it quite hard to break away from essay style writing, extended sentences and using jargon, which isn’t ideal for this kind of online journalism.


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