Pecha Kucha presentation

Due to me being absent from University due to my Tonsillectomy operation and recovery period affecting the final presenting week- I am sending my Presentation electronically to be presented to my course leader Karl Hodge and fellow course members.

When thinking of what to base my presentation on, I felt as though it would be good to present my own work as this would give others more insight into my preferred style and ways of photographing.

Throughout this I’ll explain my methods, techniques, aspirations and also some inspirations of the practice.

I want to discuss my own use and approach to Photography.

I’ve chosen 10 of my own images to be combined with 10 pieces of personal text all contributed from me.


Conceptual themes:


Here are a list of small pieces of texts giving information into my photography style/technical attributes etc to inform my peers on the course into that side of my work.

These are paired with my photographs and being presented on each slide for the audience to read. Whilst composing these pieces of text I spoke and timed myself to ensure they were close enough around the 20 second marker as they could be.

10 pieces of writing:

  • I always use M mode or TV when composing my shots and a high ISO, and edit my camera settings for the desired shot. This allows me to control the outcome of a photograph. Some people are sceptical of this but to me, Grain is good!
  • I tend to never use flash as it uses too much of a ‘harsh’ or ‘false’ look to the end photograph, this sometimes doesn’t benefit my photographs as they turn out slightly under-exposed.
  • For years I have photographed things alone and metaphorically viewed them as opposites that are divided in my work. For example- I intentionally focus and photograph urban landscape itself without the actual inclusion of people.
  • Documenting empty big open spaces in the night is exhilarating. I find the whole process of it to be fascinating, how I have to work around it, I can consume and manipulate the space.
  • I engage with artificial light sources that come from a darkened area, they seem to completely transform my perceptions of an area into almost feeling at ease- I concentrate on presenting these aesthetically within my work.
  • My work has been likened to that of the style of Rut Blees Luxemburg, I find her images to share some visual similarities to that of mine but am unsure if her intentions have ties to my underlying concepts.
  • Changing perceptions is a big aim of mine, looking and listening to how people view things that aren’t seen as aesthetically pleasing, such as huge imposing tower blocks. Setting myself a task to break these perceptions in an image, alter this and concentrate on how to beautify them.
  • I seem to be very set in my ways (hobby-wise) with what I photograph and that I usually never edit an image, if I do I will slightly adjust the brightness and saturation I feel as though I would be cheating myself and the intentions of my images if I edit.
  • Empty spaces has become a continual factor of my work from being interested in the “fear of the unknown” concept within photography. The added value of suggested inhabitants or movement within the space adds an element of wonder.
  • I aspire to exhibit some of my work in a certain way, maybe combine my reasons and feelings towards my work in text as a series and gather various feedback. It would interest me to hear peoples perceptions of before and after understanding my work, or if they did at all.




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Pecha Kucha -Benedict Regan


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