Tropical World | Shutter Speed


tropical world CS-1tropical world CS-2tropical world CS-3tropical world CS-4tropical world CS-5tropical world CS-6tropical world CS-7tropical world CS-8tropical world CS-9tropical world CS-9tropical world CS-10tropical world CS-11tropical world CS-12tropical world CS-13tropical world CS-14tropical world CS-15tropical world CS-16tropical world CS-17tropical world CS-17 tropical world CS-18tropical world CS-18tropical world CS-19tropical world CS-20tropical world CS-21tropical world CS-21 tropical world CS-22tropical world CS-22tropical world CS-23tropical world CS-23tropical world CS-24tropical world CS-26tropical world CS-27tropical world CS-28tropical world CS-28 tropical world CS-29tropical world CS-29tropical world CS-30tropical world CS-31tropical world CS-32tropical world CS-33


When Brian first gave us this task, I thought it would be relatively easy to use the technique of Shutter Speed in Tropical World. As I arrived and started to use these settings to try document these different moving creatures, I began to realise that this was a much more challenging task than first thought. The act of trying to capture these animals either mid-flight or mid-motion proved to be a much more testing concept. Starting with taking photographs of the fish, I felt there was only a limited amount of times I could capture their motions as they only have basic visual functions, the birds were much harder to photograph. The birds played around with me as if they were used to being photographed, waited until I had the shot ready and would fly away too quickly and erratically as though my camera were a gun. The same problem arose with the Meerkats. The capturing movement of water was the best thing to work experimentally with as I could adjust my shutter speed accordingly, as it just moved in the same way consistently, some of the water images have proven to be the strongest overall visually as a technique for using Shutter Speed. I would ideally like to revisit Tropical World, if I get the time and be more patient with taking these photographs in order to get better shots using Shutter Speed to improve the quality of my work.


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