Markets Revisited | NOTTINGHAM | Aperture




NOTTINGHAM MARKET; Although I had already initially started Introduction to Photography by documenting the market workers at Leeds Market- Brian later informed me that we had to use the technique of aperture/depth of field. I now decided to focus a brand new market that I was a complete stranger to- Nottingham Market. I entered the double doors of the inside market and was met with the smell of many aromas, the most strongest was fish, at this point I realised I was in the middle of the fishmonger area. As I had already focussed my previous market task on the workers, I now decided to use the area of their produce- their sales. Usually when photographing people, particularly strangers, I tend to use a documentary full-focus technique opposed to depth of field option, so this was a brand new concept for me within this area. I found it quite difficult initially to remember to use depth of field, and most of the time a manual focus using a specific area. I was using options A-DEP and M on my Canon 1000D to create this depth of field effect to focus on one area rather than the whole lot. I found the fish-monger area to be the most interesting and engaging, it contained a few stalls and the workers seemed to be the most welcoming towards me armed with a DSLR. I tried to, within this area, combine documentary whilst technically achieving the correct shots required for the use of Aperture, this made the process a whole lot more in relation to my current favoured style of photography.


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