Assignment Proposal | Intro to Digital Journalism

800 word primary resourced article for Introduction to Digital Journalism

Assignment Pitch-

Title: “Dissertation pressure on third year students”

This idea arose to me when thinking of ideas which would be appropriate to obtaining my own primary sourced research and photographs to include within my article. Initially, I had wanted to do something a bit more hard-hitting and daring such as Homelessness within the city of Leeds, but found this had a number of issues to deter me from this eg. too many ethical and health and safety knock backs.

This idea of Dissertation pressure stems from me having a couple of family members who are both undergraduate and postgraduate students and also it’s an issue I will face in a few years time. The undergraduate is in her third year at Leeds Metropolitan University also, but studying Physical Education, aspiring to go onto work in Secondary School Education. The post-graduate member of my family obtained a First in Psychology Degree and has just graduated from her Masters in Social Work. This means I have links directly to these sources of information and would be able to both interview/photograph them and also further sources whom they know.

Explaining to Karl my pitch and title idea, he was supportive of my idea but explained and advised that I would need to narrow it down to a definite pathway of focussing on under/post grad instead of both. Also to take into consideration both sources and look at official statistics to strengthen my article.

I want to begin by researching into:

  • Current articles based on/around issue
  • Interviewing current third year students
  • Aspects which contribute to affecting dissertation research/writing/progression
  • Statistics about third year drop-outs
  • Other Statistics
  • Decide a more definite focus of research into postgrad or undergrad students
  • Take into consideration both primary and secondary sources

I have also recently decided, whilst thinking of how to adapt my article content accordingly, to change my title to-

‘Dissertation pressure on third year Leeds Met students’ or

Final year Leeds Met Dissertation pressure etc.

I shall now focus my research purely on Leeds Metropolitan University and its students. I want to look into its statistics throughout years to decide what factors have an impact on dissertations and graduates. Now I have chosen to define my field of research precisely to:

1. Leeds Metropolitan University

2. Undergraduate Students.


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