(Lecture 8) | “A Journey”

Lecturer: Mike Joslin

Title: “A Journey”

PowerPoint Presentation of visuals, informative text and discussion by Mike.


“The hardest part of any journey is taking that first step” 


(metaphor for all sort of things. eg. Journey through life)

To broaden the mind:

The idea of travel for the sake of curiosity and learning was a developing idea in the 18th century. John Lockes Essay- Concerning Human Understanding (1690)

Visual- stories of people that have gone on travels “The Pilgrims Progress”

“Dantes inferno” Journey down to hell. Religion is accessible and manipulated by the wealthy- HIERARCHY.

Journeys are dangerous.

Gullivers travels journey > fantasy. Political statement

Visuals of historic maps, travels, pilgrim routes, notable travellers.

Drawings and diaries of influences they had obtained from other countries/cultures recorded by drawings of what they had seen.

Objective/Subjective- impressionist painters- out into the country, tourism populating.

David Hockney went from Royal College of Art to America and used Photography and Paint to express his views of their culture, life etc.

– Watched video of “The Genius of Photography”:

  • Documentary photographers in America
  • “I take walks with my camera”
  • Robert Frank- 1950’s America “laid bare the soul” A month documented roadtrip 1956.
  • William Klein 
  • Weegee– New York’s working class photographer

TASK 8: 

  • Select an image that shows a stage of a journey
  • Research into the reasons and motivation for the journey
  • Research into what was discovered there

[ IDEA – Richard Avedon Portraiture in America ] 




As the weeks progress with the Lectures of History of Photo Journalism, it is broadening and strengthening my understanding of Photography and particularly interesting me in the history of it. Mike’s PowerPoint presentations combined with his oral explanations and discussions of photographs/work is really thought provoking. When it comes to the task, I feel guided by the lecture to enable me to choose a fitting Photographer/Image to reflect the questions within the task. This week this journey has made me think of two photographers: Richard Avedon and also David Hockney. Hockney’s joiner of his mother, the journey through life and practice and also Richard Avedon’s journey through America’s poor areas tells a physical and also metaphorical journey of his transition of subject from fashion to real life portraiture. I think I will focus on the latter for the task.




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