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Top 3 bands of 2012

The ever-changing music scene of 2012, new and modern invented genres of music seem to be clung on to by alts for dear life. Some of these fresh genres just seem to be silly made up words for every Joe and Mary but to some of you, it’s everything.

Many alternative music lovers these days tend to want to keep ‘their’ chosen found style of music hidden away, from their fear of it turning “mainstream”. Sorry people, these bands are consistently unleashed for all to see.

Within this article we are going to uncover and expose the most recent up-and-coming artists that are steadily gaining both national and international recognition for their ground breaking tones and beats. Here it is, our top 3 most exciting and elusive bands of 2012:

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1. One-woman army Clare Bouchers is an eclectic mix of styles which she herself describes as “ADD music”  it shifts frequently and dramatically – “I go through phases a lot.”

2. Brooklyn-born Quintet “One moment it’s indie-pop, the next it’s mutant funk, then disco – something that sounds only of itself, even as the echoes of the past flit through the songs.”

3. The Howler boys are inspired by 1960’s pop music, they have been noted- “2012’s answer to The Strokes – expect a very successful year from this lot.”


This is the first list article I have ever done. To get myself started, I decided to research into current articles which used list articles. This helped me gain an understanding of the content needed to describe information in brief, snappy ways. Writing for online journalism is becoming a lot more familiar to me and I am enjoying finding this new and exciting way of writing in the style of an online journalist. The information I found for each band was quite vast which gave me variety to sift and sort to choose appropriately the information to use in this brief sample list article.


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