Shutter Speed Seminar

(Brian Larkman)

Shutter Speed


Brian opened our Photography seminar by introducing us to our groups Facebook page for Introduction to Photography. He went on to explain that we should use this as a forum for our work and we must each submit 2 pieces of imagery from each theme every week and use it as a source for critique. Everyone in the group uploaded their images and Brian opened them up on the projector to discuss with the group it’s good and bad technical aspects and visual aspects. I felt this empowered the group with further confidence or guidance for their own work and even could take inspiration from others work and techniques used.

He then went on to show us a PowerPoint presentation on the subject of “Shutter Speed” with information to teach and guide our photographic practices. Brian talked at length the dos and dont’s of using certain technical aspects within photography. I felt this helped to guide students who didn’t have an understanding of the technical side of photography and refreshed some aspects for those who did; these seminars are to get the group to a similar level of understanding. I personally feel that I have a good understanding of technical aspects of photography from studying it in the past and also it being my main hobby, but it refreshed some things I had maybe forgotten along the way.



Shutter Speed

  • affects how long light is exposed to the camera

S/S is measured in fractions of a second

500= 1/500th of a second

B= Bulb- allows you to control this manually yourself.


Along with Aperture size and ISO controls the exposure= allows to control effects of motion in the photo.



Freezing Motion (Fast SS)

Blurring (Slow)

Implying Motion (Movement of Camera itself)


Brian then showed visual examples of photographs using motion.

Freeze time | Long exposures | Tropical World


You can adapt and combine effects with themes from now on, justify these in annotations, why they’re relevant etc… 






Trial and error – EXPERIMENT!


Take a series of photos that made use of a range of shutter speed based in “Tropical World” 

10-15 images supported by journal work reflection | annotation




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