Artificial Lighting | Halloween

(Brian Larkman)



For this weeks Photography project, Brian instructed us to use Artificial Lighting as our technique for our images and set the theme as “Halloween”. During the seminar practice of using artificial lighting and our flashes using home-made diffusers I found this quite interesting. Usually, when photographing as a hobby, I wouldn’t ever choose to use flash unless it’s desperately needed, as I believe flash tends to ruin some images due to its harshness and brightness, which can take away dull tones, colours and other effects wanting to be captured within the shots. But whilst using the diffusers, I found that they toned down the extremity of the flash, allowing it to be more workable and suited towards possible future work and a good technique/piece of equipment to use.

I took my camera along to a friends Halloween party and documented a few friends with their new characters they had adopted for this one night. During this process, I found that using just the flash alone created a harsh effect which drowned some of the effects I was hoping to create. I then went on to manually set up my camera to a slow shutter speed to enhance colours and other artificial light such as multi-coloured fairy lights and other light sources to come into the camera. Using this technique, the slow shutter speed allowed me to capture, in essence, two combined parts of imagery. I firstly would photograph the subject’s face as a portrait, then suitably and carefully move my camera to create these lines and shapes from the light sources. I believe that this technique I have adopted creates a good, strong, vibrant effect visually and also fits in well with both words within the theme of “Artificial Lighting” and “Halloween”.





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