Pecha Kucha Lecture

(Karl Hodge)

Prior to our lecture Karl told us that we were going to be hearing some of fellow students presentation of images combined with their explanations of either their own work, the work of others that inspires them.

He then opened the lecture with a PowerPoint presentation entitled ‘Pecha Kucha | ‘Memes’/’Macro’

ideas can replicate like virus’ – ‘The selfish gene’- Richard Darkins 1976

Karl then went on to show us visual imagery and video clips of popular trending and viral examples such as:

‘Hampster Dance’ 1999 one of the first recognised viral image- first meme.

‘Star Wars kid’

‘Dramatic Gopher’

What makes one?

  • Practical jokes
  • Humour
  • Cuteness


The nature of these images/videos intend the audience to revisit them and focus on their popularity. Virally replicative. We see the same things again and again, humour and misfortune.

This short lecture made me understand the interests and styles of work that other members of the course would like to employ into their own work, and also the range of skills they have adopted already. Karl taught us the differences between a meme and a macro, the majority of people tend to think that macro’s are memes.


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