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(Karl Hodge)

Man in Court After Vandalising Painting

Co-founder of art movement “Yellowism” Vladimir Umanets aged 26, faces criminal damage charge. It is said he defaced a £50 million pound painting in London’s Tate Modern by Mark Rothko with a pen.  A court heard today, that Umanets is to deny the charge.

26 year old Polish National Wlodzmierz Umaniec, also known by Vladimir Umanets has today been charged with criminal damage. He allegedly over stepped the wire barrier, which separates the piece from the audience and publicly defaced it by writing his name followed by the words “12 a potential piece of yellowism” on the mural. Almost immediately after the act, Umaniec was reported exiting the gallery building.

It is said that Umaniec has caused in the area of £5,000 worth of damages to the opposing art piece which caused the Tate Modern to go into a state of “operation shutdown”. This stopped the public from either entering or leaving the gallery.

Rothko, the Russian born painters work sells for tens of millions of pounds. Just earlier this year, the highest price ever paid for art in this era £53.8 million, titled “Orange, Red, Yellow” went to Mark Rothko.

Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court today, witnessed Umaniec via video-link provide limited information of his friends address and only confirming his personal details. The anarchist gave the court minimal verbal contact and sat with his arms folded for the majority of the hearing.

The mutilated painting in question, “Black on Maroon” had been personally donated to London’s Tate Modern Gallery by the artist himself in 1969.

What next for London’s Olympic stadium?

During the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the stadium in Stratford, London opened its gates to over four million visitors. It’s build a staggering £486m sparked controversy within the UK public and it’s every aspect has been under scrutiny. Now the game is over, so what is next?

Proposals for a new £300m plan build to transform the park, again, into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with new homes, facilities, workplaces and venues for Britains public. There are four proposals for the stadium on the table, among them football and F1 racing. The ex-Olympic Park will reduce it’s capacity from 80,000 to 60,000 and is scheduled to reopen in 2014 and will host the World Athletic Championships in 2017.


From this task I have learnt how to embed images onto WordPress to combine both photograph and writing to create a gallery article. This will allow me to use this in future with all projects across the board in Photographic Journalism. I am also getting used to writing in the style of a journalist, especially with these factual articles which are largely based on events, gathered information about it- rewriting, reworking. I am looking forward to learning more about the ins and outs of journalism throughout this semester.


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