Frozen Leap Lecture | A Nano Pecha Kucha

Frozen Leap

A Nano Pecha Kucha

(Karl Hodge)

Karl had set up a shortened lecture leading to Mike’s takeover consisting of moments frozen in time using digital manipulation and manipulation within photography. He had shown us short 20 second slide shows and quick descriptions of the imagery depicting its content and how it was set up, all imagery had a running theme of the subject within the image being constrained in the air as if they are frozen. He spoke briefly about how this had been affected and influenced by the Dada movement and had gone from being artistic and innovative to becoming popular culture. From Karls lecture I learnt about the power and deception involved in digital manipulation in order to completely change the viewers perception of the image and how in a digital age, photography cannot be trusted as being ‘what you see is what you get’.


  • ‘Hidden mother’ image.
  • Freeze moments in time- Henry Latigue
  • Dadist | What happens next?
  • Artistic > Popular Culture
  • Digital technology- what you see is not what you get anymore
  • Nothing in photography can be believed 100%

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