(Lecture 5) Propaganda

(Mike Joslin)

Visual Media

Mike opened the lecture with the question:


He spoke about using surrealism within photography and also the use of digital image manipulation to decieve the audience/viewer.

We were shown visual examples of this and also an interesting before and after view of the pre-production work taken to set up the shot correctly to get the outcome achieved. Mike then went on to discuss early development of photography, particularly documentary photography and touched upon Henri Cartier Bresson and the power/invention of the ‘decisive moment’.

The second half of the seminar consisted of mainly war documentary photography imagery and discussion displaying work from Robert Capa, to Tony Vaccaro. After this the lecture merged into discussing history and in particular, propaganda. Propaganda in Germany and the ruling of Hitler, we were shown visual evidence of the lynchings and also photographs from Hitler’s takeover. Mike then put on a short video clip of Billie Holliday’s song followed by contrasting of Hitlers speech and finishing with watching a snippet of ‘The Genius of Photography’.

Reflection: I am finding Mike’s lectures really informative and interesting, explaining in graphical detail the history of photography. Mikes combination of visuals, text and sounds immerse me into his lectures and allow me to relate to and learn from what he is discussing. Each week when Mike sets the task I seem to be generating ideas almost instantly about what I want to research into. This week I want to look into the unconventional Propagandas which are controversial and explore the issue.


  • We used to have a photographic memory.
  • Lost it over thousands of years.
  • Rare cases of photographic memories in people with aspergers, autism etc…
  • Mozart transcribed with his mind from the strict Vatican.
  • PROPAGANDA- images pull together feelings and emotions through biased manipulation. Political direction and hints. Not factual.
  • Rockwell captured American life. Had a specific vision of America.
  • FILM- A Wonderful Life.
  • Different countries of propaganda posters.
  • World war 2 farming series TELEVISION
  • Adolf Hitler speeches (WATCH)
  • Woman photographer/filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl was put on trial just for photographing- alongside war defendants- just as effective THE POWER OF THE IMAGE
  • (WATCH) The genius of Photography


Research an image that has been used for Propaganda purposes for next week



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