Leeds Market

Introduction to Photography


(Brian Larkman)


I headed out into the cold city centre, armed with my camera along to Leeds Market. Outside, I stood anticipating as I watched members of the public, a surge of people from all walks of life continuously enter and exit the building. I thought of the inhabitants and who/what I should photograph, I soon after decided to photograph the people who know the market best- the workers. These people work every market day and know the layout of the place like the back of their hands. This concept seemed to interest me vastly as I witnessed them shout in their stalls over each other offering a better deal than the next in a bid to make a sale. Most of them seemed to get along and looked as though the shouting amused them, their relationships with others enthralled me. I wanted to document and encapsulate their everyday lives, their actions, their market.


Chosen Images: 



This being my first Photographic task at University, I am happy with the outcome of my images. I chose to concentrate on photographing the workers of the market in a kind of documentary style, depicting them as almost portraits in their place. Despite these being visually successful, I had missed the seminar which had instructed us to take the photos using Aperture/depth of field so unfortunately, when showing these to Brian, he said that these can’t be used as final images and I will have to revisit this topic again using the correct technical settings.


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