(Lecture 2) Image Acquisition

History of Photographic Journalism

(Mike Joslin)

For this lecture, Mike presented us with the term ‘Image Acquisition’

He instructed us to find out about the term and words, then create a timeline of events.

I began my research by looking into the meanings of the terms by defining them and found other linking words which were associated with them to broaden my knowledge.

Image Acquisition; A digital image is produced by one or several image sensors, which, besides various types of light-sensitive cameras, include range sensors, tomography devices, radar, ultra-sonic cameras, etc. ..

My research consisted of the technical development of photography, right from its beginning leading up to almost present day. This assignment is an obviously important one to all members of the course to fully understand the subject matter, history and technical aspects of the equipment we will be working primarily with. Researching into the progression of photography has taught me a lot about how photography has advanced and become extremely popular through time.

Through researching a technical timeline of photography, I had a wide variety of dates and knowledge at my disposal, so I found it really difficult to choose significant dates and only had 2 sides of A3 to work on, so couldn’t include every single notable event in the history of technical development within photography. The outcome of my timeline I am pleased with as I think I have included the most information obtained through researching this area.


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