(Lecture 1) What is a Myth?

‘What is a Myth?’

Lecture one

(Mike Joslin)


This was our first assignment to research into the area of myths. Initially, I found this assignment quite confusing as it hadn’t been what I would have expected to be studying on a Photographic Journalism course, but I felt that the subject was certainly historical so did have links with the course. We were encouraged to research into the definition of a myth, what it meant to us and then into a mythical story of our choice. I instantly thought of Ancient Greek myths and the many different stories I had learnt from them spanning from my childhood.

I began my research into Myths by looking up different definitions of the word and other terms and variations linking to the definition. By doing this it gave me different aspects of how I could look at, view and study into a myth. So I decided to look into Greek Mythology and thought of the several different tales I had heard of originating from these thousands of years ago, passed down from generation to generation. After some research of Greecian Myths I decided to focus on the characters of ‘Zeus’ and ‘Hades’ rather than a specific story, through doing this research I learnt that they were infact brothers whom had been torn by good and evil. I found Greek Mythology interesting, particularly the theory of Heaven and Hell and how it relates to religion and most well known to me, Christian theology of good and bad- God and the Devil/Zeus and Hades.

Overall, I was satisfied with my research and findings in this early stage of the course. As everything felt brand new and different to me, I found that my visual and technical skills came into practice when putting my findings onto a double paged A3 article design.


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