What Kind of Journalist Are You? | Task 1

Topically, I am interested in exploring and dissecting subject matter which interest me both personally and as a journalist. Heavily influenced by current controversial world issues such as homelessness, famine, war to closer-to-home issues spur me on to want to cover these issues and fully immerse myself within the area. People’s lives are of particular interest to me, perhaps it’s a personal ambition for me to travel, communicate, photograph and document different cultures, issues, religions, upbringings and views all over the world. These kinds of issues have a personal superior importance to me over other less serious and striking stories covered such as the neighbours cat stuck in a tree. At this current stage in life, certain styles of issues within the world today both locally and internationally grasp my attention- these specific events inspire me to travel and find out more about the world I live in.

A small local independent magazine One and Other- based in York cover city-based news and culture well with it’s contribution of many volunteers whose specialist skills vary from individual to individual: professional journalists, illustrators, designers, photographers, videographers, hobbyists, marketers, and students.

Specific articles stick out in my mind when contemplating which blogs, news sites and forums to pick that cover these topics best. VICE Magazine wrote an article based on the subject of the Karen National Liberation Army, one of the most feared opponent of the Burmese army and the consistent war between them. The article gave insight into the background stories and the reasoning for the ongoing conflict within the country.


These children have their lives stolen from them by the brain washing army creating vulnerable children into militant murderers to protect their civilian way of life.

Entitled Ghosts of the Jungle it’s realism approach and the strong use of bold Photojournalism within this really enhanced the story and made it ‘come alive’ to me. A portrait of a child soldier armed with his weapon and the surroundings embedded into my mind and left a lasting impression- thats what I aspire to do with my future work as a practicing Photographic Journalist.



As this is my first encounter with a university seminar, I have found it quite difficult to put into words what kind of journalist I would like to be. I find it easy to think of examples from off the top of my head of the stories I would like to cover- ones which have serious meanings and solving and exposing problems within the world. I am mostly interested by capturing these hidden stories through a camera and documenting what I see- sharing it with the world to unravel the truth of a certain event/situation at that time, from my view.


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